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Presently this site only has photographs of family and friends. Soon, we will have a family tree, as well as other links on this site.
You will need a userid and password to view the photos on this site. If you would like access to these, please contact the webmaster (see link at bottom of the page).

Photo index -

  1. June 2003
  2. September-October 2003 - Collection of photos. A couple Meera outside our house, some photos of Raashi and family, a bunch of photos from a trip to the Halloween patch with the Goldsteins, and a few photos of the latest visit to the Lall's DC pad.
  3. Holidays 2003 - A collection of pictures (not in any order - next time I will try and keep them chronological) from Halloween through to the 29th of December.
  4. 3rd Birthday - Photos of friends and family at Raashi's 3rd birthday party.

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